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What Are Stair Lifts

Stair lifts are designed to help people with disabilities or handicapped reach the upper floor of a given home. Basically, the stair lift is a chair that lifts elderly or handicapped people up and down the steps. Therefore, stair lifts are a great investment for anyone that has this type of problem. There are many manufacturers and places that you can purchase a stair lift. Check the websites of several medical supply companies to get an idea of what to expect as a price.

Stair lifts can be installed in almost every home, on the wall where your staircase is. This chair has a motor attached to it that, so you simply sit in the chair and the stair lift will gently take you up and down. Depending on their characteristics, stair lifts can be categorized in the several ways. Based on their mechanical features, we distinguish automatic and semi-automatic stair lifts. Semi-automatic lifts offer certain mechanized features, but users may be required to fold and unfold them manually, while the automatics ones do not require any muscle power from the user at all.

Depending on your staircase, there are straight and curved stair lifts. Straight stair lifts are suitable for staircases that don't have any bends, as opposed to the curved ones that are designed for a stair case that has corners or curves. Different stair lifts have different features and there are some really special features that can be added to give you more confidence to operate the lift on your own. In case you are suffering from arthritis in your fingers, you can have a joystick instead of button controls.

People who can't bend their knees to a sitting position can have a perching stair lift. The idea is that it has to be safe, comfortable and easy to use and designed with your particular needs in mind. When buying a stair lift, you must select a reputable company so that they can assist you and give you an expert advice to help you choose the best sort of stair lift for your particular needs. Usually, a doctor must give you a referral in order for you get it easier and not wait. Another possibility here is to buy a second hand stair lift. This is a viable and cost effective alternative to purchasing a brand new stair lift.

Second hand stair lifts should be every bit as reliable as a brand new lift and most reputable firms will offer the same 12 month guarantee. The life expectancy of a stair lift should be in excess of 10 years, so you must make sure the one you are about to get (as second hand) is less than 10 years old. If you are a capable do it yourself type of guy, then you might be able to install a stair lift on your own, without calling a company to do that. But since this is very important, you must make sure it is done right. Therefore, get a company that does this all the time and will be able to do it right.

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