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Learn About the Different Wine Racks Uses and Designs

Wine has become a common part of celebrations and parties in western countries. Be it marriage, childbirth, promotions, award ceremonies, wine has become synonymous with happiness and celebrations. In a lot of countries, wine is even part of daily food - being it lunch or dinner. There are studies being conducted to find out and publish the effects of having small amounts of wine each day. If you were a wine enthusiast and probably not an expert, you would like to have a few bottles of wine handy for any joyous moment or occasion or to entertain a sudden visitor.

Even though you can use a counter to store wine bottles, buying wine racks to store wine is probably the best idea. Wine racks have a single important purpose that is to store the wine in a space saving and handy manner, along with providing aesthetic or decorative values, protecting the wine from getting spoiled by a dry cork. Wine racks come in many shapes and sizes to accommodate different uses - be it official use to entertain clients or for domestic use. There are racks that can hold the bottle horizontally and those that can hold it vertically so that you can see the labels easily.

The most commonly used wine racks are the cellar style racks. These come in different sizes. These can either be placed on counter tops or can be big enough to cover a wall completely.

These wine racks also come in stackable models each of which can store about 10 bottles, so that you can buy as many stacks as you increase your collection. Cellar style wine racks are mostly made of pinewood, although the small counter top ones can be made of metal. These contain vertical runners on which horizontal frames are placed. Ledges are available at even intervals thus forming small square compartments in which a wine bottle can be laid comfortably. Diamond or bin shaped wine racks contain squares that include wooden plates kept in the form of an X. Apart from a nice appeal, these wine racks save a lot of space as the bottles can be racked on top of each other, rather than one in each compartment.

Such wine racks come mostly in wood and can easily hold up to 24 bottles. Wine racks that can be placed inside a refrigerator are also available for convenience depending on what type of wine you enjoy having. Ornamental wine racks are often made of wrought iron. These come in various shapes and sizes, and are mostly decorative pieces that can hold one or two bottles. These can add beauty to the counter or if used in a table for two, can add a nice touch to the dinner settings. Although most people might think that the wine shop might be the best place to buy a wine rack, it is usually incorrect.

There are a lot of online shops offering wine racks, where you can click and see the various models, dimensions, prices and select the best one from the convenience of your home.

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