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How to Start and Run a Landscape & Garden Maintenance Business
by Jack Stone

Own your business, own your job, own your life. Statistics show that nine out of every ten new businesses fail. Most of these businesses fail within the first year. The rest don't make it past their third anniversary. Given such dismal odds why would you want to start a landscaping or interiorscaping business?

The Basics of Starting a Lawn and Landscape Company
by Kevin Whiteside

My goal is to bring lawn and landscape professionals great information, advice, tips,and strategies. I love this business and want to see others learn, grow, and be successful. You have picked a great field to be in. The SERVICE Industry. The service industry can survive in tough times alot easier while other business such as retail have rent, employees, or big expenses.

A Dozen Tips for Producing Low Allergy Gardens
by Thomas Leo Ogren

What we plant often has a direct effect on our own health and the health of those near us. A pollen-producing male tree in our own yard will easily expose us to ten times more pollen than would a similar tree growing just down the block. This can be compared to second-hand smoke. It is possible to inhale some smoke from a person smoking a block or two away from you, but it is hardly the same as someone smoking right next to you. It is the same with plants. If your own yard is full of allergenic plants, then you will be exposed most.