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Upright Vacuum Cleaners May Be The Best Choice For Your Home

It is safe to say that the market is literally flooded with vacuum cleaners, especially uprights. With so many choices available it can be a daunting task trying to decide which type of upright vacuum is the right choice for you and your home. This has become even more difficult in recent years, as now, with so many variations of vacuums on the market, the old trend of retailer demonstrations has screeched to a halt. So how does a buyer decide which model is the most suitable for their home and needs? First of all, you must consider the benefits of each type of vacuum as well as your budget. Before you can do this, you will need to understand the pros and cons of upright vacuum cleaners as well as the type of cleaner that will be best suited to your needs and the features that you have to choose from.

Why Choose An Upright There are a lot of reasons why an upright vacuum can be more beneficial than an ordinary vacuum cleaner. For example, an upright cleaner is far cheaper and easier to use than a canister vacuum cleaner. You will also find that an upright vacuum cleaner is far easier to store in the closet or hide away when not in use. Moving it around is also less of a chore, as you don't have a canister to drag along behind you. Most uprights come with useful added extras such as dirt sensors, self-propelled motors and have a much larger cleaning path than traditional canister vacuums.

With every type of vacuum cleaner, there are disadvantages. If you can see past these disadvantages, you will have no problems using an upright cleaner. Some of the disadvantages are: - the motor on upright vacuums can be noisier - they are not ideal to use on hard floors like vinyl or wood - an upright vacuum can be difficult to use when trying to reach tight corners or hard to get to places. How To Choose An Upright Vacuum Upright vacuum cleaners have a power rating system that helps you identify the power of the motor. The higher the power of the upright vacuum, the greater the suction and cleaning capabilities will be. Generally, upright vacuums will have a rating of between 3.

6 to 12 amps. The types of flooring and carpets in your home will have a great bearing on the power rating that you choose, although remember that the higher the power rating the more the vacuum will cost. Bags Or Bagless This is another important choice that you will need to consider when buying an upright cleaner.

Bagless vacuums are becoming very popular as they don't require you to buy replacement dust bags and they are very easy to empty and clean out. The cylinders of a bagless vacuum don't need replacing ever, so they are most likely the best way to go. But the choices between bagless and bag vacuums are entirely personal. The filters used in upright models can be one of two types.

These are Micron filters and HEPA filters. Both are very good, although a HEPA filter will provide better removal of dust if you suffer from dust allergies. Also, the HEPA filters are much more efficient at removing dander and fur if you have pets in the home. Although HEPA filters are more efficient, they will cost more money to purchase than the Micron filters. Just about every type of upright vacuum on the market comes with attachments.

Some attachments are better than others, so when looking around for an upright cleaner, you will need to consider whether the attachments are useful for the purpose that the vacuum will have in your home. Some attachments come included with the vacuum, while others must be purchased separately. Buying the attachments separately gives you the advantage of buying only those that you will actually need and use. When choosing an upright vacuum, it is important to consider the areas that you have to clean, as well as the type of flooring that you have. When you have a clear idea of what you need in a vacuum cleaner, you can begin to research the different models that are available. There are many places online that offer non-biased reports and compare the different types of brands on the market in terms of price, performance and ease of use.

Make sure you research carefully before committing to an upright vacuum cleaner, it will be worth it in the end.

Tomaz Mencinger is a publisher of http://www.vacuumwizard.com. He provides expert advice and reviews of upright vacuum cleaners and other models that give you the best value for money.


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