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Tiffany Lamps More Intrinsic Designs

If you want to break away from the ordinary, then you might want to add some elegance and sophistication to any setting to create a desirable ambiance. Tiffany lamps are what you need. Tiffany lamps are made with superb pieces of stained glass that are soldered together to form beautiful designs and conceptual motifs.

These lamps also have solid metal bases which are decorated delicately. It was Louis Comfort Tiffany who designed these wonderful creations. The first Tiffany Lamp was made in New York in 1899 in Louis' studio that was specifically for lamp-making. Tiffany lamps are considered to be one of America's greatest contributions to the world. In Europe, it began in the late 19th century. These days, most lighting companies manufacture Tiffany Lamps.

There are different sizes to choose from. It ranges from small to medium, just as they were originally. You can also choose a variety of colors that would match your personal tastes and any type of decoration or color scheme you have. They are suitable for the home and in businesses.

These styles of lamps do have certainly limitless varieties. You may opt for tall floor lamps that match a small table lamp or simply select standalone lamps without further add-ons. There are also ceiling lamps that have a touch of Tiffany. Tiffany lamps are truly a work of art. They are a classic, definitely timeless. They have stood the test of time.

You can always be sure of the quality of the product. It's not only on quality but also the elegance that one is looking for. Tiffany lamps undoubtedly define the world "elegant". Lamps can really change the mood of a certain room depending on their designs. The lamps have unique designs that will surely last for a long time.

Their intricacies really capture one's imagination. There are different ways of caring for Tiffany lamps - it all depends on the type of glass that was used to make the lamp. If it's opaque glass, you can clean your lamp with furniture polish made with lemon oil. Polish evenly with a clean rag.

Lamps made with transparent glass can be cleaned with a regular glass cleaner. On the other hand, if your lamp is made with jadestone, clean the jadestone with furniture oil that is made with lemon oil. If you have a Mica Tiffany lamp, do not make the mistake of using commercial cleaners. Use a dry or slightly damp cloth instead. If your Tiffany lamp is made of fabric so it does gather dust, but you can easily clean it with a duster, just make sure you don't dust with a heavy hand. Otherwise, you will just be pushing the dust into the fabric.

If there are dust particles that still won't come off, brush away with a clean, dry rag. It really doesn't matter if it's a genuine Tiffany lamp or just a masterful reproduction, a Tiffany lamp will invariably attract the attention of anyone who sees it, so you must make sure you're doing your part in the clean up of your lamp.

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