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Tapestry Wall Hangings

Tapestries: Belgian tapestries European tapestry wall hanging throws and cushions wholesale. Budget Tapestries welcomes you to explore our exciting collection of Belgian Tapestries or European tapestry wall hanging to accent the beauty of your home décor. We carry the largest selection of belgian tapestries and Belgian tapestry wall hanging at affordable prices. We also carry tapestry cushions, tapestry bolsters, tapestry handbags and throws.

Budget Tapestries is a wholesale tapestry source to the trade. A team of qualified designers source our tapestry line which is on the most modern jacquard looms and hand finished by European craftsmen/women. Borders are integrated with the panel (in most cases) to give it a seamless look.

Discover how our Belgian tapestry wall hangings can transform your home into a place of visual warmth and elegance. Grace your walls with the bold color and design of European wall tapestries. Enjoy the ambiance of this rich and wonderful art form, when you bring home the warm tradition of fine woven tapestries.

It is believed that in ancient times some of the tapestries shown in our collection covered the walls of the Parthenon. These high qualities; European made tapestry reproductions are Jacquard woven in Belgium, France, and Italy. You may choose your European wall tapestries from a selection of classic and traditional European styles, including: Romantic, Floral, Gothic, Renaissance, 11th century Bayeux tapestry, the Lady and the Unicorn series with characteristic Mille-fleur background, and the King Arthur and the William Morris-Knights of the Round Table series created by Edward Burne-Jones and William Morris of the Arts & Crafts Movement. Tapestries from early medieval times, through the middle Ages and the Renaissance period until the 20th century include decorative, pastoral, floral, verdure, romantic and oriental themes and Victorian. We have tapestries and cushions covering the following categories: Lake Como, Romantic Scenes, Medieval, Nautical, William Morris, Mary Cicely Barker, Beatrix Potter, Unicorns, Animals, Wildlife, Sailing ships, knights and castles, hunting scene, Camels, Elephants, Francois Boucher, Castles and more. Budget Tapestries tapestry gallery features authentic tapestry reproductions-"Belgian tapestries" Italian tapestries and "French Tapestries" woven in France, Italy and Belgium.

Every tapestry product bring home: History-beauty- and an heirloom.

Jude is a well known writer who has been writing on Belgium Tapestries and Tapestry Wall Hangingsand etc for the websitewww.tapestries-tapestry.com for a long time.


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