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Taking Care of Wooden Floors

What will be the best way to clean the wooden floors? There are some guidance that you can use to make your wooden floors in their best. To look its best a room must have a clean, softly lustrous floor whatever the finish or covering may be. Such floors are not difficult to achieve with the equipment and materials available at small cost to today's housekeeper.

For waxed wooden floors and resilient coverings there are long handled buffers and applicators of modest price, while electric polishers can be rented inexpensively from hardware and grocery stores. Self-polishing waxes make the care of many types of flooring easier and to apply them there are applicators with containers for the wax, controlled by a trigger. WAXED WOODEN FLOORS predominate in all but the kitchens and bathrooms of most homes so we shall discuss them first. Wax is sometimes applied directly to softwood floors, but for these as well as for hardwoods a finish for the wood is highly desirable for appearance and ease of maintenance. If the finish on your floors is badly worn away in traffic areas, or if the wood has never been finished properly, save yourself a headache by having it sanded down to clean wood and refinished. Electric sanders can be rented: sealers are especially easy to apply.

So the job could be done without outside help. FOR WOODEN FLOORS in good condition, whatever the finish, the routine care is the same if they are waxed. They should be dusted regularly with a vacuum cleaner, soft brush, or untreated mop. Once a month, or as needed, they should be polished with a weighted buffer or electrical polisher.

At this time fresh wax should be applied to areas that look worn. About twice a year the entire floor should be re-waxed. A paste wax is the most durable and is recommended generally, though liquid and even some self-polishing waxes can be used if you prefer them. BEFORE PASTE WAX IS APPLIED the floor should be cleaned thoroughly.

For this purpose use a liquid wax, or one of the special cleaners made for removing embedded soil from waxed floors. In this category are Bruce's Floor Cleaner, Preen, and Beautiful. Like liquid wax these special cleaners contain a dry cleaning agent such as naphtha, plus wax and other efficient dirt removers; they loosen the soil and remove old wax, yet leave a film of clean wax on the floor. Directions for using these products are given on the container.

Read them carefully to obtain the best results. The general instructions are as follows: First vacuum the floor carefully to remove surface dust and dirt Shake the container to be sure the contents are thoroughly mixed before applying the cleaner. If it has been stored in a cold place and become thickened, stand the can in hot water for a while, or hold it under a hot water faucet, and then shake it. (Never heat any wax preparation over an open flame.) YOU CAN STAND UP FOR WAXING.

You do not need to get down on your hands and knees to apply cleaning wax to a floor. Use one of the inexpensive, long handled applicators that are made especially for this purpose. One kind makes use of steel wool pads that greatly aid the cleaning action. Pour a little of your cleaner onto the floor, and using the applicator, rub with the grain of the wood to loosen the dirt which will be picked up by the cloth pad, or by a cloth placed under the applicator pad. Change cloths as they become soiled and work until the floor has been completely cleaned.

IF YOU PREFER HAND CLEANING, use essentially the same method. Pour a little cleaner onto the floor, spread it with a clean cloth, and rub it in to loosen the dirt, which will be removed by the cloth. Turn the cloth as it becomes soiled and apply more cleaner where it is needed.

Use fine steel wool dipped in cleaner for difficult spots. A thin layer of wax will be left on the floor when you finish and this should be buffed. What will be the best way in applying wax? Get some tips in which position you can apply the wax on the floor. Wooden floors can be handled easier with the electric polishers, which can be done without outsider's help. Get the wooden floor polished at least once in a month.

Clean the floor before putting the wax. Use the vacuum cleaner to remove the dust and dirt. You can choose to stand by using a long handle applicators or you can choose to wax by hand.

Both has the same method.

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