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Storage Unit

Looking for a way to improve your home lifestyle? Is the breathing room in your home getting smaller and smaller like an icy freezer? Then it is time to rent a self storage unit at your local self storage facility. A storage unit is like adding an addition to your home. In a short time, clutter seems to grow like ivy. Both take over homes and give it a whole new look.

Though some people like the ivy look, nobody enjoys the clutter look. Clutter is a negative term for the things we love and must keep. For example, Christmas and holiday decorations, extra furniture storage, kid toys, and file and document storage are all considered clutter when they become a nuisance with our personal storage space. There is only one way to keep the clutter and the household happy at the same time. Rent a self storage unit. Find a storage unit that is convenient for you get to.

There are probably a few in your hometown, maybe one around the corner. But if you can, find a storage unit that is easily accessible, the trips back and forth will be much easier on your gas mileage. Choosing a cheaper storage unit that is several miles away from a more expensive storage unit that is just down the road could cost more money in the long run. Not only could the trips be a waste of money, it is a waste of time. The times spent running back and forth to a far away storage unit could be utilized doing something more interesting. Remember the old adage, you get what you pay for.

This is true for selecting a storage unit. Be wary about storage facilities that offer cheap storage, because that is exactly what you get, a cheap storage unit. If one storage company rents a storage unit for half the price, the storage company probably offers half the service. There is a lot involved in the price of a storage unit. Number one is security.

A cheaper storage unit may not offer the same (if any) security features as a more expensive one. Look to see if the storage company fences in their storage units. They should also have pin-pad gated access and video surveillance. If they do not, your storage, whether you consider it clutter or not, is very vulnerable to theft. Theft is common at unsecure storage properties and thieves will target an unsecure storage unit.

If your storage is important to you, pay a little more per month for a secure storage location. Make sure you can access your storage unit when you want to. Many storage facilities offer different access hours, including 24 hour access. If you have the type of job that keeps you up with the bats, consider renting a storage unit from a company that offers 24 hour access. Or if your only chance to get to the storage unit is on the weekends, check the weekend hours.

Many self storage companies offer limited access on the weekends. They do this to give the property manager some time off. A self storage company may only employ one property manager. If so, expect limited access times. After you find the perfect place for a storage unit, think about all of the different possibilities for its use.

Of course you must have some idea, otherwise why would you be looking for storage in the first place. But look around your house and property to see what else you can put into the storage unit.

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