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Start a New Holiday Tradition

It can be very challenging to organize a group picture. Getting family coordinated for a photo to use on Christmas Cards can be frustrating and a hassle. Avoid the trouble of getting family organized by taking photos when your family is already gathering at Thanksgiving! What better time for a photo session than when your family is already dressed up and in great spirits after a delicious meal. For great holiday card photos you can capture candid shots or have a neighbor take a large group photo.

If you are planning on using a picture of just your immediate family on your holiday photo card you can still take advantage of the situation and have another family member take the picture. This is your perfect opportunity to not be the one behind the camera! Christmas is a great time to celebrate and start new traditions. Why not start the fun early with the tradition of coming up with a creative holiday card photo? Here are some fun ideas to get you started. Baby playing with lights Put your child on a dark blanket and give them a lighted string of Christmas lights to play with. Make sure all lights are off and utilize only natural light. Snap away while your baby inspects the lights.

(Disclaimer- Christmas lights contain some lead so do not let your child put them in their mouth and wash your child's hands thoroughly after you take your photo). What can this look like? Stealing Santa's Cookies Place an empty plate of crumbs near your child dressed in holiday attire. A guilty look on their face is perfect if you can capture it. The goal if to make the photo look like your child is "stealing" Santa's cookies. You can caption your holiday photo card to say "I'm sorry Santa".

Or a similar phrase. Naughty and Nice Combine a photo of your child looking sweet and angelic with a picture of your child mad and upset (Moms, you know we all have one!). Christmas wreath Hold a wreath and let your child pear through the opening.

This makes for a classic stunning photo. Our Christmas Gift came early This idea is perfect for a new baby holiday birth announcement. Place your baby on some wrapping paper with a bow and caption your card "Our gift arrived early this year". Ho Ho Ho Let your baby play in the bath with a Santa hat on.

Make a beard with bubbles and snap away! These are just a few ideas to get you started. Have fun capturing that perfect moment! Copyright (c) 2008 Charles Carter.

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How to Start and Run a Landscape & Garden Maintenance Business
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Statistics show that nine out of every ten new businesses fail.
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