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RTA Cabinets vs NameBrand Kitchen Cabinets Which are better

When buying kitchen cabinets it is easy to find a wide variety. There are plenty of retail stores, online stores and other specialty kitchen cabinet stores to choose from; the problem is weeding through all of these choices and making the right decision. What I found will help clear the air on what is good in a kitchen cabinet, what is a good buy, and where to shop to find the best deals. Along the way I have also found out why some retailers or internet sites can charge a great deal less than their competition.

The first part is the definition. We all know what a kitchen cabinet is, but an RTA kitchen cabinet is a ready to assemble cabinet. These products come pre-assembled in boxes, with easy to follow instructions (unless you buy from IKEA, than you will have difficulty with RTA kitchen cabinets).

The next part is what is the difference between standard kitchen cabinets and RTA Kitchen Cabinets. RTA Cabinets are going to offer the same features, amenities, and materials as the name brand cabinets, just at a reduced price. There are two reasons for this- 1) They are able to mass-produce the cabinets rather than making them on an order by order basis, which reduces production costs 2) The consumer has to assemble the cabinet which also cuts down on the labor. Assembly doesn't require a large selection of tools- a simple screwdriver can literally assemble your entire kitchen.

The cabinets have been designed so that you can assemble each unit with just the aid of a flat head screw driver! One page of directions, a little patience, and your on your way to a quality kitchen at about thirty to forty percent less than your standard kitchen. The best place to find these RTA kitchen cabinets is the internet. The price difference between buying cabinets in a store versus buying them online, comes down to overhead. "Brick and mortar" stores have large amounts of overhead and this translates into higher prices for cabinets.

Another quick example of why a store like Home Depot would have higher prices is because these stores cannot warehouse large amounts of cabinets, so everything you buy from them becomes a "special order" and that also means a special high price! Even after factoring in delivery costs, buying RTA Cabinets online will still come out to be cheaper. That leads into the final part of this RTA kitchen cabinet briefing. And by the way, there are also RTA bathroom vanities, which can save you even more money.

There is always concern with buying online and what are you really getting into? A good RTA kitchen cabinet website, will be informative, have a wide variety of products (but still focusing on cabinets), and will be established as a site (when performing an online search). The better and bigger RTA sites are usually direct cabinet importers and because of this, these sites can pass the savings on to you. A good site will have noticeably great prices and should be customer friendly as well. Keep these things in mind and you will see how much money can be saved when buying your kitchen cabinets in a smart way. Take advantage of the RTA kitchen cabinets and you will save money.

I have been remodeling house for 15 years, and I have the secret to getting high qualityRTA cabinets at an affordable price. Interested in finding out my secret? Follow these links to find out the secret to getting RTA Kitchen cabinets at 30-40% below retail prices


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