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Natural Ways to Induce Labor of a Full Term Pregnancy

When expectant mothers are at or past their due dates, they become anxious for labor to start; many begin looking into ways to induce labor. Although there are several methods of doing this, natural techniques can be used once full term has been reached. Caution should be taken when considering which method to use. Some methods, even natural ones, can have negative side effect or even serious consequences. Your doctor may want to induce labor using medications; however, it is widely known that this may cause overly strong contractions. The method that is both safe and effective for inducing labor is the most sought after.

At full term pregnancy, Maternity Acupressure is the more preferred way to induce labor. Acupressure has been used for thousands of years and works by applying pressure to specific nerve or trigger points on the body. One of the most popular reasons women prefer Maternity Acupressure to other forms of inducing labor, is that this holistic method has no side effects and causes no potential harm to the unborn baby. The fact is, when Maternity Acupressure is used, the only possible side effect is a small amount of soreness in the area that pressure was applied.

It's amazing that merely applying pressure on specific spots along your skin can actually help the cervix to dilate, help the baby to drop down and encourage labor contractions. Expectant mothers and fathers, as well as midwives and doulas, all agree this is true; in addition, research has proven it. Acupressure has had wonderful results where as other methods of inducing labor can be invasive, painful, and may cause the woman to experience fear and anxiety due to potential adverse effects.

Maternity Acupressure is not only effective, but safe as well. Acupressure poses no threat to the baby or the mother. Acupressure should not be used unless you are at 40 weeks gestation. Acupressure does work and will induce labor, therefore, it should only be used by women who are at 40 weeks gestation, otherwise you risk starting labor too soon.

However, once you are safely ready to deliver, Maternity Acupressure is safe for both mother and child. You do not need to worry or fear that chemicals are passing to your baby, or that your baby will be born with his or her senses dulled due to the effects of drugs that were administered to induce labor. Because Maternity Acupressure is inexpensive to perform and it doesn't require the use of additional tools or equipment, many women find that Maternity Acupressure is the best choice for inducing labor after 40 weeks gestation. You could apply acupressure to induce labor by your self or have a partner to massage you. Due to the fact that Maternity Acupressure is simple and easy to perform, it can be used even without previous experience in acupressure or any other type of massage.

This technique is a great choice for dads. By administering Maternity Acupressure to their partners before and during labor they can to be truly helpful to the birthing mother by helping the labor to start and to proceed smoothly.

The techniques of Maternity Acupressure are revealed at www.MaternityAcupressure.com Discover how these holistic techniques are gaining popularity with expectant mothers. Maternity acupressure is a way to induce labor, and it makes labor easier, shorter and safer without medical interventions.


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