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Minimum Information That You Need To Know About Vacuum Cleaner Belts

Aside from the replacement of a disposable bag, you will probably have to replace a worn vacuum cleaner belt at least a couple of times during the lifetime of your model. This is because vacuum cleaner belts have a tendency to stretch out of shape, causing inefficient operation of your unit. Because they are not easily identified as an important part of your cleaning machine, they are often ignored and do not become of any concern until you wake up one morning to find that your vacuum is not working up to its potential. Often the detection of a faulty vacuum cleaner belt comes from looking under the hood of your cleaner to see what all the fuss is about.

Different Types of Belts Depending on the model you will have to choose between one of three main kinds of vacuum cleaner belts. When you are selecting replacement parts for your unit, focus on the options that provide the best durability. You won't need to replace the belt many times and it will perform better long term. Also, a worn out or poorly functioning vacuum cleaner belt will wreak havoc on the rest of the working body parts. When it comes to vacuum cleaner belts, you will find that your model has either a smooth or grooved kind of belt.

In the smooth variety of belts, they are either round or flat in appearance and should be replaced every six months to a year. Below are brief details regarding the different types of vacuum belts you may encounter during your adventures in belt replacement: Smooth round belts tend to stretch over time, which results in the ineffectiveness of your roller. This means that after running your cleaner over the carpet, all of the dust and dirt will remain because the roller is unable to properly pick it up. If you want a cleaner carpet, special attention should be paid to the often-ignored vacuum cleaner belt. Smooth flat belts were once made from rubber, but are now made with more durable materials. This does not necessarily mean you will not need a replacement belt that is made from rubber.

This is especially true if you have treated your current vacuum with good care. You will also find that flat belts are less expensive than other options. Flat belts work best when they are replaced every three months. Geared belts look like teeth inside the cleaner. This is a common belt found in models, such as Kenmore and Electrolux.

It is durable and may last for many years. Although it is wise to check this type of belt at least once per year, most people do not replace this particular item until it snaps or breaks. Grooved belts have grooves on the inside of the belt, which are commonly used with Simplicity Uprights models. These models are becoming more and more popular lately. This type of belt should be checked at least once a year.

Shopping for a Vacuum Cleaner Belt When it comes to purchasing a generic type of vacuum cleaner belt, you may pay a visit to your local hardware store. Local vacuum dealers should carry the belt you need if you are looking for a popular brand type. Another convenient place to locate belts is on the Internet. This is where both commonly selected brands and generic models can be found. Changing Your Vacuum Cleaner Belt During the maintenance and repair of your vacuum, you may want to clean the roller as well.

This means you will further increase the effectiveness of your cleaning machine. Often, this is accomplished simply by removing the lint, dust and hair that has gradually accumulated on the brush part of the roller. When changing the belt, you will want to make sure that the cleaner is turned off and not plugged in. Depending on your model, changing the belt may be a simple task or one that is quite demanding. When you do not have the hand strength or patience to change your cleaner belt, there is no shame in taking it to the local vacuum repair shop. This type of service is often quite inexpensive, but needed if you want to save and maintain your current unit.

Tomaz Mencinger is a publisher of http://www.vacuumwizard.com. He provides expert advice and reviews of vacuum cleaner belts, parts, bags, attachments and models that give you the best value for money.


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