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Live In Integrity

Live in INTEGRITY is the first of the 8 Keys of Excellence Supercampers learn over the summer. Integrity is first about knowing yourself—knowing your values, your desires, your talents, your dreams—and then being true to that self, in all your actions and interactions. Integrity is behavior congruent with your values.

When your actions are aligned with your values, you conduct yourself with authenticity, sincerity and wholeness. When you clarify your values, it helps you set goals that are consistent with those values. Together, your values and goals bring a sense of passion and purpose to your work and your life. A lot of people simply act as they feel like acting, then find some justification—any justification—for why they did what they did. Their actions are largely unconsidered.

Highly successful people, in contrast, use their values to steer their actions. They reflect, and then act. Their values motivate their actions, because they choose their actions to harmonize with their values.

Check your motivation—can you be honest enough with yourself to really admit why you're doing something? Is it really a reflection of your values, or a reflection of what you want at the moment? Choose your behavior to reflect your values, and you'll move through life with authenticity, sincerity, and wholeness. When you live with integrity, it'll show. People will trust you, almost instinctively. They'll think of you as a person of your word.

You'll be known for your strong character. When you live with integrity, you'll enjoy a clear conscience. You'll be filled with good feelings about yourself. Those good feelings will pour into everything you say and do. Integrity fosters trust and respect, the cornerstones of good relationships and good relationships are vital to success in all aspects of life. Align your actions with your values.

Live what you value. If you value honesty, be truthful. If you value keeping your word, follow through. If you value being fair, do what you expect others to do. Your identity is who you are. Your integrity is an expression of who you are.

- What do you value? - How do these values show up in your life? - Do your current actions support your values? First define your values; then align your actions with your values. Affirmations for INTEGRITY: - I have stated beliefs and values. - I know and understand them. - My behavior reflects them. "Integrity simply means not violating one's own identity." —Erich Fromm.

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