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Key Tips for Minimizing The Budget on Your Renovation Project

One of the hardest parts of any renovation project is setting a budget and sticking to it. If you break down your budget to specific items, and keep an accurate record of what you are spending then you are ahead of the game. Inevitably unexpected expenses will arise, so it is better to plan for them. Most professionals will say to expect to spend 10-15% more than your budget. If you find your budget starting to get out of hand, follow some of these tips to help keep your budget in check.

·The number one way to decrease the cost of your remodeling project is product choices. Look around to determine whether you can achieve a similar look with a less expensive product. As long as you don't need the latest and greatest products on the market, you can find some great deals that will help reduce your budget. ·In addition, pay attention to how labor intensive some design features may be, for example laying ceramic tile on kitchen countertops and the backsplash.

Whenever possible, try doing some of the work yourself but leave all of the major projects up to the professionals. ·Compare products and their prices carefully before you make final decisions. And keep an open mind when you discuss product and design ideas with your contractor.

·Make decisions based on value and quality, not just price. The internet is a great resource when trying to find product feedback. ·If the overall cost is going to be too much, think about breaking up the project into several stages. It is often easier to create a more manageable budget by starting small and adding to the project at a later date.

This will break the work into several jobs instead of one large project. The down side of staging a remodel is that you may end up paying more in the long run. ·Be creative. There are often multiple solutions to accomplish a design objective, some more expensive than others. Discuss various options with your contractor. ·If all the room really needs is a facelift, make the most of changes with paint, as opposed to structural changes.

Changing the color of a room can revitalize it. This is the easiest way to bring life to a room on a budget. ·Faux finish painting or other textured decorative painting techniques can help hide minor damage or irregularities that flat paint won't. ·Attempt to keep windows in their existing places during a remodeling project.

Moving windows is not a cost?saving endeavor.

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How to Start and Run a Landscape & Garden Maintenance Business
Article by Jack Stone
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Statistics show that nine out of every ten new businesses fail.
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