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How To Work With An Interior Designer

One pretty sure way to make your home look professionally decorated is to hire a professional home designer. Home decorators need to earn money so you will have to either pay him or her or engage a designer that works for a furniture and decor store. Often, if you purchase most of your furniture and decor from a store, they give you the services of the designer for free.

You can find good designers through word of mouth or the Yellow Pages. When you talk to the designer, ask to see photos of previous work. You might also inquire wether the designer is comfortable with the type of decorating you wish to do.

Some decorators lean more towards certain styles that you may not like. You may want to be sure that the designer you hire is a member of the American Society of Interior Designers. If you are not very comfortable with your designer when you meet, keep looking. There are several types of home interior designers.

An independent designer will generally charge you a fee. This designer may also make a percentage off some of the furniture and decor you buy. Generally, you will have access to a greater variety from this arrangement. A interior designer that is on staff from a furniture store will want you to purchase most of your goods from that store. He or she may or may not be on commission from that store.

Your design service will generally be free from such an arrangement as the designer gets paid indirectly from your purchases. One of the first things a designer can do to save you a bundle is to help choose colors for your walls. A color swatch never looks the same once the color is applied to a wall.

Differences in lighting and the mix of colors in a room can change the look of a color swatch that only a designer with experience or a gifted person in this realm can predict. A interior designer often knows how to access furniture and decor that you would never find. Designers have access to catalogs and websites that you will not know about. Designers spend a lot of time in the field researching decor while you may just do this for a short time and have other pressing needs for your time. A designer can save you time and money by not letting you make purchasing mistakes. Furniture and decor in a store look a lot different then they will in your home.

Your mood while shopping can also have an effect on how you like the furniture you buy but the fit may be wrong. Let a professional designer help pave the way and make it easier. When you hire your professional, you will have to let her know what type of budget you are considering. Some designers will request a contract that spells out the duties and obligations for each party. Some of these business arrangements will require a down payment to be drawn from. There are many ways to deal with this, the point is to be very comfortable with the arrangement.

Your home results can be very rewarding.

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