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How To Get Moving Quotes

As soon as you have an idea of your moving date you should start requesting moving quotes from your local movers. It is not a good idea to accept moving quote or estimates given over the phone. You should request that the removal companies send an estimator to visit your home to see exactly what you want to move and the physical layout of your property.

When the estimator arrives he or she should inspect your entire house and garden etc. to see the quantity and type of furniture and items you want to pack and move. It is wise to discuss any special requirements you may want from your mover now.

The estimator should be shown the contents of your loft, under the stairs, and garage areas. All items to be left behind, taken to the dump, or pick up from another address should be pointed out now so that they can be taken into account in your estimate.

Charges may be calculated based on the quantity of items to be packed and moved.

The removals company estimator should now be able to judge the size of the van and how many men are required for the job. He or she will take into account if your move is a local move which can be done in a day or if it is a long distance move, the length of time it will take and if it will be necessary to have staff sleep over night.

Charges may also be based on the amount of time it takes to complete the packing and moving or it may be based on an hourly rate (this is not suitable for long distance moves). Check to see what the defined hours are: Is a days work 8 hours, 12 hours or 24 hours? Does the hourly rate vary depending on the time of day? Does the mover charge for overtime? If yes when does it start and how much is the cost? In the worst case scenario if you do not get access to your new home on time you could well find your move going into overtime.

Hourly rates are normally based on a pick up to delivery principle, but meal times are usually excluded from the charge. Moving rates may be more or less expensive depending on the day of the week.

For example move done on Mondays to Thursdays are known to cost less than a move done on the weekend.

A good way to reduce the cost of your move would be to pack some of your belongings yourself and if you are moving locally you can transport small loads to your new home yourself.

The removals company quote is most likely to be on a standard form which has the movers terms and conditions. Make sure you read the small print properly before you sign. Even though the terms and conditions are usually the same, moving quotes can vary from firm to firm.

When you accept an estimate, you are expected to give a moving date, and upon booking that date you will have to give the mover reasonable notice if you want to cancel or change the date.

Otherwise the removals company may charge you a cancellation fee.


About the Author (text)The UK Removals Classifieds provide informative articles about moving and relocation in the UK. Read more about how to choose your UK Mover and how to get the best moving quotes at http://www.removalaclassifieds.com.

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