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How To Develop A Decorating Budget On Less Money

The first step to developing a home decorating budget is to determine the maximum amount of money that you are willing to spend and how many rooms this will apply for. Everyone is different and everyone expects a different level of decor. You can range from early dumpster rescue to fine home furnishings and everywhere in between. First you will need to purchase your essential decor. If you do not have window treatments, privacy is really essential.

The least expensive way to gain privacy with regards to windows is mini blinds and they come in colors. You can measure your windows and have the sizes custom cut for you at any big box hardware store like Lowes or Home Depot. They are very easy to install. If you have more money or better taste, blind comes in solid wood, bamboo and any number of other varieties.

Possibly getting more expensive would be curtains. Some handy people can actually sew curtains to fit the decor you need. Your next concern would be a place to sleep comfortably. Again, you can just purchase a decent mattress and lay it on the floor.

For more money, you can purchase a metal bedframe and a box spring and be off the floor and away from the spiders and such. Add more money to this and a headboard and bedroom set can be added. I am in the mattress business and I can sadly report that some people actually purchase lousy mattress sets and pour most of their money into the headboard and other bedroom furniture. While it is true that most visitors will see the fancy bedroom furniture and not know that your mattress set is cheap junk, your resless nights will eventually affect your overall health.

Try to purchase a good mattress set. You will need at lease a sofa for your living room. Again, if you can afford to buy new, pick something comfortable.

Keep in mind that a sofa will degrade over time because the foam that adds the cushioning will compress and lose support. If you have to buy a used one, again look for comfort. You might ask around your family and friends to see if anyone is in the market for new living room furniture because many stores charge to take back old furniture and you could be doing someone a favor. Besides, most people will not want to sell their used furniture and have people who they do not know coming into their home to look it over.

Mitch Endick is a writer for the quality SleepSmith mattress and home decor website FineWebStores.com. http://www.finewebstores.com has a great selection of mattresses including special size ones, special size bed frames, home decor of every type and a great selection of furniture.


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