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How To Choose The Right Furniture For You

Long gone are the days when office furniture meant a simple computer desk and a filing cabinet. In this day and age, we have all sorts of technology to accommodate for. There are photocopiers, drafting tables, large networks of workstations, and much more to take into account. Getting the best deal on this excess in office furniture can be tough.

And the question arises as to whether not the extra money is worth it in the first place- so what is a business to do? Discount Office Furniture Vs Brand Name Office Furniture There is a certain place for budget cuts, and then certain places for excess spending. Office furniture is one of the categories that floats somewhere in the middle between the two. Some claim that brand name furniture that specializes in new-age design and comfort is worth the money. The reasoning behind this claim is simple: happy and comfortable workers are more efficient than uninspired and unhappy workers. One good example of this is Google, who is a company that specializes in employee satisfaction. Google remains to be one of the best places to work for- and if you've seen their office furniture, you can guess it wasn't the discount brand at the handy shop.

Google claims that the extra style inspires creativity- and we can't disagree. But discount furniture is what most businesses side with. After all, how much more money can one spend before trying to make employees more inspired? For most businesses, the return on investment just isn't anywhere near what they'd like.

The result: you'll likely stick with discount office furniture long before splurging on new-age furniture. Arguments for Work Safety and Tax Write-offs One of the leading problems in workplace safety is carpal tunnel syndrome. This affliction is caused by poor posture in the workplace- something many brand name products fix. Some could argue that the company would be less responsible for injuries with these ergonomic brands of office furniture. In many respects, they are right- carpal tunnel is indeed a very real threat.

To help justify the cause, some argue that the tax write-offs that are available for office furniture makes the price of ergonomic designs much easier to stomach. This will put many office products in reach for businesses- but careful spending is still needed. There are limits to the tax write-offs, and even then, the tax breaks only come once a year. One clever strategy many businesses engage in is last-minute shopping. That way they can get a return on their money much sooner, so waiting the year out isn't a problem (whereas the money could be better used in reinvesting into the business).

When Money Isn't an Option If money wasn't an option, what should you splurge on? First and foremost, safety should be addressed. Chairs with supportive backs are a must. Keyboards and mice with ergonomic designs that counteract carpal tunnel are also worthy of a purchase. Only after safety is addressed should one consider style and brand name options. It's nice to have a decorated office space to inspire and give a positive attitude.

When money isn't an option, this will indeed benefit those who use the office. (Studies show interesting colours and styles do, in fact, inspire creativity and help overall efficiency on average.) In the end, it's good to have an accountant nearby for tax advice, safety in mind, and a strong will to get the best office furniture for your company.

Craig Miller owner of http://www.classicchesterfields.com


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