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How to Apply Wax on Wooden Floors and Varnished Floors

Each type of the wooden floors has some different methods in cleaning them. Find some methods on cleaning the wooden floors according to their type. OILED FLOORS AND WOODWORK should be dusted with oil-treated cloths or floor mops. They can be washed if necessary with warm suds made with a mild soap or detergent Rinse as you cleans, using as little water as possible. Dry with a soft cloth. When thoroughly dry, apply a fresh coating of oil polish, being careful to remove all excess oil before polishing the wood to a soft luster.

Too much oil is as unsatisfactory as too much wax. It leaves a dust-catching, slippery surface. Oil polishes with a paraffin or linseed oil base are best PAINTED WOODEN FLOORS look better and are easier to keep in good condition if they are waxed. Wash them with warm water and a mild soap or with any of the cleaners described for painted walls and woodwork.

Use fine steel wool dipped in liquid or paste wax or a mild scouring powder to remove stubborn spots and marks made by rubber heels. UNFINISHED WOODEN FLOORS are almost impossible to keep clean. Sweep them with a broom or with your vacuum cleaner brush and wash them with suds made with soap or a detergent. Again, use as little water as possible to avoid raising the grain of the wood.

Use a brush and scouring powder on bad spots. A little household bleach in the washing water will lighten the wood and perhaps improve its appearance. THE ROUTINE CARE OF MARBLE FLOORS, sometimes found in hallways, is not difficult.

Sweep them with a soft floor brush, your vacuum cleaner brush, or dust them with an untreated mop. Before discussing a more thorough treatment for marble that is dirty and stained, we hasten to set down two important "don'ts": don't use acid cleaners on marble because they etch the surface of the stone and leave an ugly yellow stain that attracts dirt; don't use soap (especially with hard water) because it leaves an unsightly film on marble. MARBLE THAT IS IN GOOD CONDITION often needs only to be wiped with a soft cloth wrung out of plain water, or water that has been softened with washing soda, Calgon, or Noctil.

Detergents such as Wyandotte Neo-Suds, Dreft, and Vel, are admirably suited for ordinary cleaning. If the marble requires an abrasive to remove heavy soil, the powder selected should be mild and alkaline; otherwise the surface will be scratched. Powders containing silicas are too harsh and should be avoided. Whiting, a calcite, is also harsh, especially for polished marble.

Bon Ami, base feldspar, can be used on unpolished marble but is not recommended for prolonged or repeated use on polished surfaces. Marble experts recommend Wyandotte detergent* as the ideal agent for scrubbing marble. It is a mildly abrasive soapless cleaner, in appearance a gray powder.

TO CLEAN MARBLE WITH AN ABRASIVE first wipe the surface with a soft cloth that has been wrung out of plain clear water. Then dust the surface with the cleaning powder, or dip a moist cloth into it, and rub the marble until it is clean. With a fresh cloth rinse the cleaned surface carefully so that every trace of the powder is removed.

If a large area is being cleaned it is best to do a small part at a time, rinsing and drying each section before going on to the next. Should the surface look dusty or streaked after drying, too much powder has been used or it has not been well rinsed. Go over it again with clean water. Last of all, buff the marble with a clean soft cloth or better yet, a piece of chamois leather.

Waxing is optional. THE FINER POINTS OF MARBLE CARE, including the removal of stains and the use of an all-over poultice to restore the beauty of badly stained or yellowed marble, are discussed in the chapter on furniture care What if I have marble floors in my home instead of wooden floors? What will be the best idea for me to clean the marble floors? Here are some tips that you can use in cleaning the marble floors. See what type of wooden floor that you have.

Wooden floors will have a better look when you wax them. But you can also clean the waxed the wooden floors using a dry soft cloth, and dusted them regularly. Avoid cleaning the marble floors using acid cleaner as it will etch the surface.

Use the mild and alkaline powder to remove heavy soil. You can also clean the marble floor with an abrasive but make sure that you wash it properly.

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