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Home Solar Power Systems Understanding the Site Evaluation Requirements Part

Wondering about methods and things you can do to help with the Climate Crisis? Want to lower your personal release of Green House Gas (GHG)? Seeking ways to lower your CO2 emissions around your home? You can accomplish all of this if your home is a suitable match for a solar energy system. The following article provides the step-by-step requirements so that your home can be evaluated for it's solar energy suitability. Top considerations U.S. homeowners will need to consider to have a solar energy system installed on no upfront purchase bases, i.e.

rental: * You must be the owner or mortgage holder of your home. * You must live within an area covered by a utility company offering net-metering. * You should have at least a one year history of your energy consumption, i.e. energy bills.

* You must have the desire to have a solar energy system installed on your home. An innovative company has a new strategy to remove all of the barriers to solar generated energy. This solar equipment manufacturer is offering a solar energy unit to American homeowners on a rental basis. No need to purchase a system outright any longer. Unless, you have the means, where-with-all, and wish to maintain the system yourself.

If you want to purchase a solar energy system, you can find many new companies stinging up all over the place. The environment needs it. We should all upgrade to solar. Although, there is another option.

A new solar panel rental service is probably not new. But, it still is blowing many people away with the simplicity of the concept. It seemed like this was too good to be true or something. As is the case with innovative and game changing ideas, this new company has such a simple idea. Rent the solar energy system versus having to buy it.

Once has to think, "why has this not happened before". However, there are some restrictions; not everyone will qualify and there is a long waiting list of potential solar system renters already reserving a system. The good news is the process to get your home evaluated for a solar unit is pretty clear.

The following "How-to" guide documents what the average homeowner needs to do to be considered for a solar system installation. Solar Power Site Evaluation and Energy Audit The energy audit, solar energy system design, and the installation and construction process start with the home review of the residence performed by one of the company engineers. During this site review, the engineer will take measurements of the lot, home layout, take notes of the roofing materials & condition, the roof orientation to the sun, and assess the present shading factors and those that may build up over time; like the growth of trees or new additions to the property.

The solar installer will communicate to the homeowner in detail the installation time line and what to expect related to the solar system installation. They will also give an overview of the day to day operations of the home solar energy unit once it comes online. If the homeowner has any questions about anything during the site review, the engineer is the one to ask when they are on site. Home Solar Power Design and Rental Agreements Once the site-review is completed, the solar engineer will design a system that both fits the home's layout and meets as much of the homeowners electrical needs as possible. It should be noted that due to certain shading factors, roof orientations, and physical roof space, the system may not be able to accommodate the total energy needs of the homeowner.

The rented unit may in fact only provide a portion of a particular location's energy needs. This is an important consideration and highlights the need for energy auditing and overall energy conservation on behalf of the homeowner. The company will still install and rent out the solar energy system but it will not guarantee that the unit will allow the homeowner to self-generate 100% of their energy needs. The actual system design is presented to the homeowner at the conclusion of the site review. The can then approve of the plan & the general system design. If there is any discrepancy or concerns with the design, the homeowner is encouraged to bring these to the attention of the solar engineers.

A proper question and answer session included during the site evaluation. Solar Panel Rental and the Solar Unit Security Deposit Following the design approval, the homeowner is asked to pay a security deposit for the solar system installation. This deposit is 100 percent refundable with interest at the end of the rental term. The security deposit is merely intended to act as a deterrent related to abusive activities or for those wishing to move the system to new locations more than once. After collecting the deposit, the engineer will work on the appropriate permits, apply for any utility interconnection agreements, and submit appropriate paperwork to county permitting offices. This whole process may take a few weeks, but at the conclusion, the team of installation technicians will be prepared to have the system installed.

Solar Energy System Installation and Maintenance Once the permitting paperwork is in order, the installation team will contact the homeowner directly to set the solar system installation date. The installation technicians will then install the solar panels and prepare the unit for final inspection by the local permitting office. Once the local county and utility representatives have inspected the installation, the homeowner is ready to begin taking advantage of flat-rate solar system rental, a more reliable energy service, and a source of 100% clean, solar energy.

Final Considerations to Rent a Home Solar Energy System * Start collecting your utility bills and file them away. The energy audit provides the best results if a least 2 years of energy consumption is tabulated. * The renting of a home solar energy system is a new idea. Be sure to do your research. * Even areas in the northern parts of the Unite States still have adequate exposure to the sun.

Don't write off you location for a solar unit rental because you don't live in Arizona. * Reserving a system and getting your site inspection scheduled early is the key to getting your site inspection & evaluation completed.

At Solargies, our goal is to spread the use of renewable solar energy as simply and as rapidly as possible. Daniel Stouffer is a solar energy consultant and advocate of renewable energy. He is an environmental entrepreneur investing time and energies educating Global citizens about renewable, solar generated (PV) electricity. Learn more about Daniel at: => http://www.Solargies.com


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