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Discover Hot Design Concepts For Your Bathroom Renovation Project

Your bathroom is one of the most important elements in your home. It is a known fact that when a property owner wants to increase its value the bathroom renovation becomes a top priority. Today, more and more Americans are looking for luxury and comfort when it comes to their bathroom. Here are some of the best new bathroom ideas out there! Retreat to a Spa A long, luxurious bubble bath, aromatic oils, lit candles, soft music. Is this a two hour spa treatment? Or is it perhaps your very own bathroom, in your very own house? Do you like the luxurious spa atmosphere? Why not apply it to your bathroom so you can enjoy it without having to go out? Soothing colors, niches for candles, a large bath, and an overall atmosphere of pampering and self indulgence is the key. This bathroom, with its towel racks, separate Jacuzzi bath and glass shower, the double sink and soothing lighting, is a masterpiece of "spa" feeling.

Just lie back, and enjoy! Turn Up the Warm Give cold, uncomfortable bathrooms a break, and warm them up! Avoid chilly colors like snow white and blues, and go for the creams, browns, and golds to give your bathroom the warmth it deserves! Color can make a huge difference and turn your bathroom into a completely different experience. A bathroom can be instantly transformed to a more inviting place, just by changing the color palate. And since it's your bathroom, shouldn't you feel cozy and warm in it? Tile it Up Tiles are back, but not in the way you think. usually, when people think tile, the first thing that comes to mind is that weird floor from the 70's with all the different colored stones. Yet tiles can provide beautiful design elements for your bathroom.

Since tile was originally designed by the Romans specifically for their baths, it makes sense to use this element in creating our own modern bathing rooms. Bathroom tiles are back! Whether you decorate the entire walls with decorative patterns or just use a subtle row design - it is definitely back in fashion. A certain ancient world feeling comes to mind, and you may just imagine yourself reclining in a Roman bath with slaves feeding you grapes. Modern Sharp For those who like stark looks, clean comfort, and straight lines, this is THE look to have.

The black counters and stainless steel sinks, the stainless steel cabinets, the glass and high sheen of the black counter, all give this bathroom a kind of bachelor pad look (only a lot more comfortable!). Clean lines often create a sense of spaciousness and luxury. The Asian Invasion Still clean lines, but with an Asian touch, as the Buddha statue serenely emphasizes. The bowl-like sinks have a distinct feel of rice bowls, the large jars, and the open space give it a Zen feel. This is not the opulent East, rather the calm, insightful, Zen feeling underlying so much of modern Asian design.

Truly, all that's missing is a rock garden outside the French doors. Romantic Sometimes, a romantic, softly lit, fantasy inducing bathroom is all a girl really wants in life. A haven of light, warm and inviting, and an overall feel of warm fuzzy butterflies, give this bathroom a lilt in its song. A room designed for sensuality and softness, the romantic bathroom can be a place to share, and just as importantly, dream of love.

If you are looking to learn more about bathroom remodeling in New York, please visit the MyHome website - a full service New York contractor.


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