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Cats Guide to Moving with Cats

If moving is a stressful experience for you, just think how stressful moving will be experienced by your cat. Moving with cats, whether to the same neighborhood or to a different country, is a mission that requires some preparation work and lots of patience but it is not impossible. Here are some useful tips for an easy moving with your favorite pet: BEFORE Cats tend to notice every little change in their familiar surroundings.

Therefore, it will not take long before they will notice that you are on to something. However, here are some tips that will help you go on with your packing and moving causing less stressful reactions as possible. 1) While you are packing, try to keep their daily routine by feeding them and playing with them as usual. 2) Adjust your cats to the carrier by placing it close to their favorite hangout spot and put some of their favorite toys or a piece of clothing in it.

3) If you move part of your belonging to the new place independently take some of your cats stuff with you and arrange them around the house. 4) In addition, prepare their litter box, water and food bowls in advance. 5) Leave the packing of the cats belonging to the end. If possible, leave a symbolic piece of furniture for them to lie down until the moving processes. DURING Although each cat responses differently to changes, the moving day most likely to be traumatic for your cats. Here is how you can make it as tolerable as possible for them: 1) Before the movers arrive, gather the cats with their carrier, litter box, food, water and some toys in one room.

2) When the movers arrive put the cats in a separate room and visit them occasionally to calm them down. 3) If possible, take the cats with you by car after organizing their corner in the new house. 4) Even if they howl or act nervously, do not shout on them or act nervously yourself; it will only increase their panic. AFTER Unfortunately, the adjustment to the new house may take several days, depending on the cat nature and can include strange behaviors that can range from hiding behind the bed to refusing to use the litter box.

You can still make their adjustment easier simply by following these guidelines: 1) Leave the cats inside the carrier for a while to allow them to adjust to their new surrounding gradually. 2) After opening the carrier, stick around while they begin snooping around. 3) Guide them to the litter box and the food and water bowls.

4) For the first few days, limit their territory to no more than one or two rooms by shutting the doors and windows in the rest of the house. 5) If you can, it is advisable not to leave them alone during the first two days. 6) If possible, spend more time with them, show more affection and give them extra canned food or of their favorite snacks. Conclusion: Remember it may take time but eventually your cats will adjust to their new home.

Renaldo Micheals is not a vet, but he has lots of experience in moving with cats including relocating to a different state. He also writes about his favorite online casino game: blackjack


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