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A Guide For First Time Chainsaw Buyers

Chainsaws have earnt a reputation as the planet's most dangerous power tool; and with good reason. Almost 40,000 people are injured each year using these effective but volatile machines . If you are in the market to purchase your first chainsaw then there are some important points to consider. Frequent Or Infrequent Use? One of the biggest mistakes chainsaw newbies make is mis-judging the type of machine they're actually after.

Time and time again a first time chainsaw buyer will make the mistake of either buying too powerful or too ineffective a machine. Here's a good point to remember. ask an expert exactly what saw work you require and how frequently you are likely to use a chainsaw.

This will give you a good starting point and in most cases, you'll get your answer very quickly. Safety issues arise when inexperienced cutters attempt to use bigger, more powerful machines without an understanding of the hazards involved. Other than the fact that a big, powerful gas chainsaw can cut through just about any wood presented to it, many users overlook the fact that it takes a strong and usually fit operator to use one of these machines because tiredness creeps in quickly and this usually leads to fatigue and "sloppiness." This is when serious injury can occur.

Gas Vs. Electric Chainsaws If you intend using your chainsaw on a regular basis then gas is definitely the way to go.The fact that they are mobile is a huge plus and for heavy cutting jobs, then they win hands down over electric saws all the time. Gas models come in a variety of sizes. Stihl and Husqvarna are the leading manufacturers of chainsaws in the world with both having their supporters and detractors.

In the final analysis though, both produce some amazing gas chainsaws and choosing on your part will come down to the level of work you intend to perform. Electric chainsaws certainly have their place, particularly within surburban areas. Why? Well for starters, they are much quieter than their gas cousins and given that cutting jobs within surburban areas are less frequent and lighter duty, then electric saws, in most cases would certainly suffice. Lighter and cheaper to buy and run, an electric chainsaw could be the right fit for your circumstances especially if you have more heavier trimming jobs to perform as opposed to cutting down trees. What Brands? It's been my experience that asking for an opinion on what brand you should favor when purchasing a chainsaw is a bit like asking someone who their favorite football team is or their what's their political persuasion.

As mentioned earlier, Stihl and Husqvarna are the best known manufacturers and both have their own band of loyal followers. Don't discard other makes though including McCullough, Poulan, Echo and Homelite. It will all come down to what you prefer in the end and your decision may very well be based on which make of machine felt right during the testing period.

Dean Caporella is a professional broadcaster. Check this guide before you purchase your first chainsaw. Plus get the latest chainsaw news and reviews at:http://www.chainsawlife.com


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